Growth marketing services to succeed overseas

Your crew of seasoned marketers is ready to help land or expand your business in the USA or Europe

The challenge

Missing US or EU market expertise?

Without the necessary local knowledge, skills, or resources available in the team, marketing initiatives overseas struggle to make any headway.

Each market presents unique cultural, language, tactical, and resource challenges that must be successfully navigated for marketing objectives to be achieved.

And hiring a regional team takes time and energy, often still leaves skill gaps, and doesn’t always make sense financially or for the structure of the business.

Cultural differences

Each market has a unique cultural and historical heritage that impacts the message and structure of marketing campaigns.

New languages

Marketing in a new language needs more than translation to succeed. Content needs localization to resonate.

Different tactics

Performance of different marketing tactics varies wildly between markets. Experience and insights significantly increase chances of success.

Team resources

Without a local team on the ground, your internal team resources can be stretched thin, and time zone differences compound the issue.

The solution

Get a specialist crew on board

Longship’s specialist crew of data-driven marketers is ready to onboard, fill the necessary strategic or operational gaps, and steer projects forward.

Our US and EU experts have put together thousands of successful digital and growth marketing campaigns for businesses looking to increase leads, customers, and revenue.

Request a free initial consultation to discover how our crew can support your growth marketing objectives.

How it works

What you can expect from Longship Marketing

Dedicated account manager for each account

Your account manager will be a growth marketing strategist with relevant market expertise, and responsible for the success of your marketing projects with Longship.

Local experts in the US and EU

Your marketing strategist works closely with our team of experts in paid search, paid social, email, automation, website, conversion rate optimization, data analysis, and creative design to drive results.

Clear and concise reporting

We’ll provide the insights you need to understand and scale results, make better marketing investment decisions, and calculate the return on your marketing spend.

The growth marketing tactics we use to succeed in the US and EU

Optimize your
website funnel

Access our experience of running thousands of website A/B tests and CRO experiments to increase website conversions.

Run effective
paid ads

Unlock the potential of paid search, display, and social ads using tried and tested approaches and localized market knowledge to drive relevant leads at an optimized CPA.

organic traffic

Increase the volume of organic visits to your website and blog with robust, scalable, and repeatable SEO across multiple languages.

Create great

Generate demand by producing useful, digestible, and insightful content that resonates with your audience; leveraging it across every content-driven channel.

Develop and
manage websites

Build or improve your WordPress & other CMS-based websites to deliver a fast, seamless experience for prospective customers.

Build landing pages that convert

Support acquisition strategies with landing pages that are highly relevant, targeted, and compelling.

Design engaging

Support campaigns with creative assets that increase engagement, conversions, and ROI.

Nurture leads with compelling emails

Use marketing automation and email sequences to guide leads through their buyer’s journey to support demand generation.

Transparent ROI Tracking

Tracking, analysis, and reports

Your marketing tactics and campaigns need to be tracked end-to-end in order to fully understand which actions contribute the most to your revenue goals.

Longship helps companies discover and fill any data gaps, as well as establish tracking, attribution modeling, and multi-touchpoint analysis from start to finish.

We develop actionable insights so you can see the real return on your investment and make suggestions for improvements to your marketing approach in the US and EU, enhancing overall performance.

Interested in learning more about how
we can support your business?

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